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I used UpdateLayeredWindow to draw a window which use png as background. But this window contain some self-draw buttons which would change when user hover/click these buttons and then the window should change.

Now the problem is when should I call UpdateLayeredWindow. Shoud I call UpdateLayeredWindow after the user changed the button apperance, that is when user hover the mouse above the buttons or clicked the buttons?

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I don't understand what redrawing the buttons placed on top of the background has to do with redrawing the background. You can do one without the other. There's no need to call UpdateLayeredWindow just because you change the button's appearance. –  Cody Gray May 9 '13 at 8:18

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When need to update the layeredwindow, call UpdateLayeredWindow, but be really careful with this.

Call it too frequently do cause performance problem, its not WM_PAINT which could combine to one if there is too much in the message queue. UpdateLayeredWindow do not...

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