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I have about 100 lines of text. Each line has the following format: 1 Gt 1.003 The Gt will change and will be from 1 to 3 characters long. How can I parse this line and store the Gt as a string, the 1.003 as a double, and discard the 1?

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using namespace std;
int discardInt;
string strInput;
double dblInput;

vector<string> strings;
vector<double> doubles;

ifstream infile("filename.txt"); //open your file

while(infile >> discard >> strInput >> dblInput) {
  //now discard stores the value 1, which you don't use;
  //strInput stores Gt or other 1-3 character long string;
  //dblInput stores the double

 //operations to store the values that are now in strInput and dblInput
 //for example, to push the values into a vector:


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Pretty normal stuff.

ifstream file(...);
string line;
while (getline(file, line)
    istringstream buf(line);
    int dummy;
    string tag;
    double val;
    buf >> dummy >> tag >> val;

tag will be "Gt", val will be 1.003

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