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I need to copy the files which are generated within Grails to Hadoop dynamically. How will I write code for this in Grails? Whenever a file is generated it should be copied into Hadoop. If the incoming file already exists, it should get updated in Hadoop.

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how to write connectivity code from grails to hadoop? – Unmesha SreeVeni Apr 18 '13 at 10:44
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I used shell script to connect grails and hadoop.

I had all the commands to run hadoop jobs in (Workflow Script)

And i added the code to execute shell script in my controller

def scriptCom="/folderlocation/"

println "[[Running $scriptCom]]"
def proc = scriptCom.execute()

def oneMinute = 60000

    println "[[return code: ${proc.exitValue()}]]"
    println "[[stderr: ${proc.err.text}]]"
    return null
    println "[[stdout:$revisionid]]"
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