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I am new to Oracle Jdeveloper, can any one please tell me, how can I use the gestures created in gesture builder application (in emulator) in my own application ?

I found this link [ ] relating to what I am trying but I am not able to use it or implement it in Jdeveloper.

also can I run the code in the above link in eclipse & export it to Jdeveloper & use it there ?

please guide me on this...


What I am trying, is to get some action done in applications by using different gestures other than swipe-right, swipe-left, swipe-down, swipe-up & tap-hold gestures which are already present in software (setPropertyListener - type attribute).

for example if I make a cross mark gesture on list item then it should get cancelled or if I make a tick mark gesture on list item then it should be accepted.

so, is there any way by which I can add new gestures to the application ?

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You can add an amx:actionListener tag to the component that needs to support a gesture and set the type attribute on it. Example here:

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correct me if I am wrong... what I am getting from the link is that the code should be somewhat like this: <amx:commandLink id="cmdlink" text="Swipe Down to call bean method"> <amx:actionListener binding="#{GestureBean.SwipeDownMethod}" type="swipeDown"/> </amx:commandLink> if it is so, I have already tried that & it is working fine... Q> My question is can I add my own new gestures in the type attribute ? (other than: swipeDown, swipeUp, swipeRight, swipeLeft, tapHold) Q> Can we use the gestures made in "gesture builder app" (in emulator) in this type attribute ? – user2243394 Apr 11 '13 at 18:08

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