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I m new to breeze. I have created a spread sheet kind of app using knockout, now I'm trying to add breeze.js functionality into it.

Can anyone suggest any good samples for breezejs

I have gone through todo sample and live sample avaliable at site.

I'm using knockout mapping. I wana map data obtained from $.getJSON( "Data.json") to the knockout. Is there any way to do it via breeze.js (Currently I'm using knockout-mapping plugin)

Data.json file

         "Name":"Noob Here1",
         "Name":"Noob Here2",
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There are enough samples available on the Breeze site to get you started with this. Unless you are looking at object graph management, cache management, change tracking and a whole lot more, use the mapping plugin and you are good. What is it that you are looking for that breeze will solve for you? –  Sujesh Arukil Apr 12 '13 at 14:47

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If you are using MVC then the todo zephyr project should get you started (although you may have already looked at it): http://www.asp.net/single-page-application/overview/templates/breezeknockout-template

If you are using Web Forms you can then this might help: http://chrisjakubowicz.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/breeze-with-web-forms-asp-net/

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