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I am new to rhoMobile, i am trying to open google page from application.rb Read the webview document, but didn't find the way to put the app in snc.


{ def on_ui_created WebView.navigate("") end }

Please help me out how to proceed. Suggest some gud tutorial to start up. (all tutorial shows only Model creation)

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Here is the basic tutorial. If you go through the documentation step by step you should see it.

Also you have the Sample chapter right in the main page

Sample Apps

API samples: A simple Rhodes application which demonstrates all features.

TrackR: Source code for third party iPhone/Android app for Pivotal Tracker.

Rhostore: Simple store application which we show you how to build in the Rhodes Tutorial.

Rhostore Bulk: Simple store application demonstrating how to use the bulk sync feature.

Webinar Samples: A collection of all samples shown in the webinars.

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