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I am trying to learn Wicket. One of the problems I encounter, is changing the values of components like a label.

This is how I declare the label:

Label message = new Label("message", new Model<String>(""));
message .setOutputMarkupId(true);
add(message );  

The only solution I can find:

Label newMessage= new Label(message.getId(), "MESSAGE");

Is there a better/easier way to edit the value of a Wicket label and display this new value to the user?


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I think you did not understand what Models are. Your example could be rewritten as follows

Model<String> strMdl = Model.of("My old message");
Label msg = new Label("label", strMdl);

In your ajax event

strMdl.setObject("My new message");
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Thank you for your answer. I did not understand them, but now I do. This is working perfectly –  Attiej Apr 10 '13 at 10:36

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