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I am trying to simulate the behavior of the vehicles while they are driving and I need to get some sample trips (starting-end point, similar to a route). This process should be automatic. By importing the traces. I know that planet.osm has all the information but It is too much. so the question is, is there any easy way to perform this task? Thanks a lot for ur help.

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You are searching for random routes? Why not just pick two random locations not too far away from each other and use one of the many online or offline routers to generate a route between them? You could even add some via points to make the route more complex. Using online routers you don't even need to have a local database.

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Thanks for ur help. The way I did, using drag gable points, the user chooses the initial and end point in a web map (Nokia Maps) and I get the route. :) –  John Velandia Aug 8 '13 at 13:56

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