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Not having pored through the NDA for the iPhone, I'm not quite clear on what was prohibited that is now allowed, post-dropping of the NDA. Is there any idea of the type of question previously closed here, for instance, that would now be re-opened or re-asked? And more broadly across the web, what level of discussion and help can we now hope to become available that was previously redacted?

Some previous discussion illustrated a few examples of what was allowed under the NDA but still isn't clear on what wasn't allowed (but is now allowed).

Prior to the NDA was it not allowable to share your own written code for your iPhone app?

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The restriction before was pretty severe. The NDA could have been interpreted to cover just about anything related to iPhone programming. Publishing code samples, discussing how an API was supposed to be used, etc, etc. It sounds like the new NDA will just cover any discussion of unreleased versions of the iPhone OS (much more reasonable).

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The primary thing is that it now allows us to discuss programming on the iPhone; which was explicitly prohibited before.

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And it should mean that the iPhone dev community will grow, and more folks will want to develop for the platform.

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Publisher can now publish books on the iPhone SDK!

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