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I want to extract a function foo in Coq to an OCaml file. Because my real function have to use the Recursive Extraction, when I run a program it output the extracted OCaml code on the cmd. But I would like to output it to a file, for example: foo.ml

Recursive Extraction foo.

When I tried:

Recursive Extraction "foo.ml" foo.

or Recursive Extraction foo "foo.ml"

I got an error: Syntax error: "." expected after [vernac:command] (in [vernac_aux]).

My question is: Am I able to extract the function foo to a file by using the Recursive Extraction syntax? Thank you for your help.

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According to the manual (http://coq.inria.fr/distrib/V8.4/refman/Reference-Manual027.html), Extraction "foo.ml" foo will extract foo and recursively all its dependencies into foo.ml, i.e. you don't need Recursive in that case, it is only used for extraction on stdout.

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