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I use inboxes gem, and I need to add devise method(:authenticate_user!) to base_controller of inboxes gem. Sorry for my English

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Like all ruby methods, reopen it and add what you want. –  apneadiving Apr 10 '13 at 8:59

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I'm not familiar with the Inboxes gem, but if you're not able to specify your own Inboxes controller (for instance, through routing), you could consider adding this before_filter to your ApplicationController:

before_filter :authenticate_user! if self.controller_path == 'inboxes/base'

If you can specify your own base controller, you'll be able to extend the Inboxes::BaseController like so:

class MyInboxesController < Inboxes::BaseController
  # ...

Hope this helps.

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if you see the Inboxes::BaseController controller, it is inherited from application controller so you can add method to application controller and then method can be used from Inboxes::BaseController.

but if you want to add method inside Inboxes::BaseController then write a monkey patch file for it and place the file inside config/initializer folder


class Inboxes::BaseController
  # Add method here  
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I cant add this method to ApplicationController because I dont need this. In second case this not work because it does not know method before_filter –  Eugene Apr 10 '13 at 11:32

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