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I have been playing around Broadleaf commerce for a few days and found that it is a great framework. Thanks for all of those who built this. However, I am facing a problem and am waiting anyone to help. The problem I found can be reproduced by following below steps:

  • Go to "Manage Addresses" page of the user.
  • Delete an address.
  • Go to "Check out" page and you will see that such shipping information is still available inside the boxes.

Therefore, my question is I would like to know how such shipping information be populated. I also checked the table "blc_customer_address" and found that a row that represented such information was deleted, but the blc_address.is_active is still equal to 1, which does not make sense.

By the way, I set up the website according to Broadleaf2.2, MySql database, and Apache Tomcat.

Thanks in advance.

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In Broadleaf, we think about shipping information as 'Fulfillment Groups'. An Order can have multiple of these. For instance, if you have 2 items that you have added to an Order, you can send those to 2 different addresses. This would look something like:

    -> FulfillmentGroup
        -> FulfillmentGroupItem
            -> Product A
        -> Address 1 (ship to Chicago, Illinois)
    -> FulfillmentGroup
        -> FulfillmentGroupItem
            -> Product B
        -> Address 2 (ship to Dallas, Texas)

For Customers, you are right there is simply a relationship table called 'CustomerAddress' that just relates a Customer to an Address. However, when you delete something, this does not remove the address itself (because as you can see, that can also be related to a Fulfillment Group) and so it just deletes the relationship.

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