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I have the following two profile properties in my web.config file between the System.Web tags:

<anonymousIdentification enabled="true"/>
    <add name="CustomerName" allowAnonymous="true"/>
    <add name="CustomerID" allowAnonymous="true"/>

When I try to access the Profile.CustomerName or Profile.CustomerID from an aspx.cs file, it doesn't show up. I thought when you create a custom profile property, it automatically updates the aspnetdb with the new properties. Profile doesn't show up in intellisense as well.

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Check my answer below –  Anil Purswani Aug 8 '12 at 8:46

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There is also a solution from Joel Spolsky here.

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This problem occurs if you are creating a Web Application. Web Apps, unlike Websites, don't generate the ProfileCommon class. You could either follow this method: http://webproject.scottgu.com/CSharp/Migration2/Migration2.aspx (Appendix 2)

I haven't personally used the above assembly, so someone else might give some advice on that. However, you could also try:

Object customerName = HttpContext.Current.Profile.GetPropertyValue("CustomerName")

You won't get intellisense with this method, but as long as you know the property name, it can be accessed like that.

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Instead of inheriting ProfileBase and creating own class, I guess the method you had provided is the simplest way. You additionally set the value of the property using - HttpContext.Current.Profile.SetPropertyValue("CustomerName", "MyCustomer") –  Anil Purswani Aug 8 '12 at 8:36

Specify properties in web.config file as follows : - ProfilePropertyWeb.config

Now, write the following code : -

Code Behind Profile Properties

Compile and run the code. You will get following output: -


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