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How can I create resuable blank objects in node.js? For example : In file1 :

var Result = {
error :false,
errorReport :[]
exports.Result = Result;

In file 2 :

var result = require('../file1');
exports.doSomething  = function(){
var output = result.Result;
output.error = true;
output.errorReport = some_error_array;

Now, everytime I invoke doSomething(), it is obvious that the last result will be cached. But, everytime I invoke doSomething(), i want a fresh object as it is declared in Result without any extra programming (i dont want to reset attributes everytime i do some thing with Result object. Am I missing any minor detail here ? please help me out

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You could make it a class:

exports.Result = function() {
  this.error = false;
  this.errorReport = [];

// later on:
var output = new result.Result();

Or even make it fancy so that you can pass arguments:

exports.Result = function(error, errorReport) {
  this.error = error === undefined ? false : error;
  this.errorReport = errorReport === undefined ? [] : errorReport;

// later
var output = new result.Result(true, some_error_array);
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Thanks a lot @robertklep . It worked :) –  codejammer Apr 10 '13 at 9:44

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