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I want to develop a metro application for tablets based on windows 8. This app will have some similarities to Draw something, but also be very different. This is a project for my university so I work under a bit tight schedule. What would you suggest to be the most efficient way to do so?

I'll be more specific:

  1. Which language to use?
  2. Is there a convenient open source?
  3. With what graphic design program I should work?

I would like to hear advice from everyone to be sure I start my project in the most suitable environment.

(it needs to use: touch, sounds, camera, signing in with fb, Google, etc.. and nice graphics)

We are 4 developers and we have a semester.

thanks :)

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If you guys are familiar with XAML go for C# XAML Application otherwise Javascript application is a better option.

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I'll answer your questions one by one.

  1. There are two mainstream options available currently: C#/XAML and HTML/JavaScript. If you are families with any of those, then you already know the answer. If not, then I would recommend the C#/XAML route. In my experience, XAML is more powerful and C# is rich. Together, they perform really well. In case you decide to port your app to Windows Phone later, you will have most of your code ready in C#.
  2. I'm not sure what do you need here! It is highly unlikely that you will find elements if your app out there. Although, you may find some libraries and controls. As long as tools are concerned, Windows SDK has got you covered. Visual Studio does best what it's supposed to do.
  3. As long as designing work of the app goes, Microsoft Expression Blend (part of the SDK) provides very rich experience. You might want to use something like Photoshop for creating images, vectors, etc.

The last part:

  • Touch support is in build in all the controls provided by Microsoft.
  • Again, Windows itself provides nice API for sounds. It should be enough for all the sound effects you want.
  • For sign in experience, I would recommend you to take a look at oAuth helpers provided by Windows. Those provide unified and secure sign in experience.
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1) language choice depends on - your familiarity, the capabilities available for the language and suitability of the language for the project.

Wrt capabilities, c# and xaml brings features like two way binding, strong typing which brings lot of productivity when the size of codebase and complexity grows, access to lot more frameworks functions. javascript - power of css3, write less boilerplate code, less code to write to integrate with cloud services.

wrt suitability - you need to look for sdk support for fb/google for the language. c#/xaml has broader framework support. but most of the support for your list of features is there for both stacks.

Your familiarity with language will play a big role. I would suggest to start with the language you are most comfortable. If you are equally comfortable with c#/xaml and javascript/css/html stacks - start with c#/xaml, and first prototype your graphics portion if that is the most crucial piece.

2) someone else can do more data here. if you are looking for graphics toolkit etc, be specific.

3) Again this depends on what you are looking for and your expertise.

Metro Studio - Sync fusion has metro studio free product that can give you free metro style icons for general purpose.

Microsoft expression design - free product can help you build your metro icons. Also you can build simple graphics though I have used only to build icons.

Adobe illustrator - not free. Also, requires time to get a hang of it unless you are already a pro on Adobe products.

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