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I wanted to learn Python, so I tried to use it for some typical, basic tasks, but I encountered a problem.

For some reason, the "in" syntax returns a false false when searching for a string in list.

I am trying to get some selected data from a file, from the lines/records where a certain identifier occurs.

Here is some code:

with open("file_containing_ids") as f:
    ids =
resultFile = open(resultFilename, "w")
print >>resultFile, "some header"
print "ids found in source file:"
for datafile in dataFilenames:
    file = open(datafile)
    records = file.readlines()
    for record in records:
        if some_irrelevant_if:
            currentid = record[457:479]
            print currentid
            if currentid in ids:
                print "id match found!"
                result = record[457:479] + "\t" + record[164:191] + "\t" + record[12:19] + "\t" + record[221:260]
                print >>resultFile, result
print "ids from file:"
print ids

Now what i get from running the script against a prepped test source and id file:

ids found in sourcefile:
ids from file:

But the result file is empty, not counting the header, and there is no "id match found!" message!

Am I doing something wrong? How to fix this?

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First thing to try is to replace print currentid with print repr(currentid) to check for trailing whitespace. –  DSM Apr 10 '13 at 9:26
You've hit it spot on! I got trailing whitespace! Thank you very much! :) Id accept if this were an answer. I didnt know that print would not show the actual string, but trim it. –  K.L. Apr 10 '13 at 9:28

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