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I need to develop a hotel booking system which will be used for in house bookings(for walk in customers) and online on the website. What shall be the best approach

a) Have two applications(online/offline) & databases and synchronizing them at intervals b) Have one web application and one database on the web server

what will be pros and cons of the two approaches?

I will be using c#/sql server.

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An obvious disadvantage I can see to the first option would be that if you are synchronizing the applications intermittently, you may end up with a situation in which you double book a room. So due to this I couldn't really recommend the first approach given the situation you describe.

The flip side of this argument is that with a single web application you don't have the issue relating to accidental double bookings.

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Why to have two applications? For walkin customers also, your executives can use same web application and database, it will avoid double bookings.

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