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I need to test and perhaps, use libFeatureDetection. But as indicated on main page of the project, libFeatureDetection needs Matlab (libmat, libmx) and OpenCV (core, imgproc, highgui).

So can you tell me where to get these libraries ? Does I need to install Matlab ?

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You don't need full Matlab, just the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR).

You can grab the full blown installer package there. The installer is Java-based, though, and you need to have JRE installed in order to extract libraries from the package.

So, run the installer and install the MCR to some directory. When done, you will find the libraries in

<MCR installation dir>/matlab/v717/bin/glnx86/

P.S. There's also a nice guide on linking with MCR.

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Thank, I installed the MCR but it looks like I have to edit a lot of CMakelist.txt to integrate the correct path. In particular the FindMatlab.cmake file in the ./cmake dir. –  user1422158 Apr 12 '13 at 23:43

As you can see in the CMakeLists.txt file of libFeatureDetection on github


means you need to have matlab installed.

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Ok, but what to do if I cannot get a MATLAB license ? –  user1422158 Apr 12 '13 at 23:39

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