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Looking for a bit of help.

I'm using Bootstrap, everything looking okay, where it should be at least in browser (Chrome OSX) even when i resize to mobile and phone sizes but when i load it up on my iPhone in safari and chrome it doesn't scroll and my nav doesn't collapse. - Wouldn't let me link this.

Anyone that could shed a bit of light on my problem i with be very greatful.

Thanks Rg.

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I've run into the same problem using Durandal for my SPA framework. After lots of digging I found:

  • The issue is related to the Durandal App module (if you're using Durandal!)
  • This Stackoverflow Question is what tipped me off
  • A bit more information about app.adaptToDevice() in the Durandal Docs
  • A discussion of the bug here.

Ultimately like the question I referenced above, I had to disable the call to

document.ontouchmove = function (event) {

I still have lots of digging to do to figure out why all this happens, but hopefully this helps.

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