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When I unplug the USB/Arduino from my PC, the Python script from which this was removed crashes.

#The connection to the Arduino
ser = serial.Serial('COM19',9600)

#Not connected to Arduino before connection is made
connected = False

#Loop until the Arduino is connected
while not connected:
    serin = ser.read()
    connected = True

#Debug Arduino connection
if connected == True:
    pprint('connected to arduino')

I have tried to use a TRY/EXCEPT to insure the connection re-connects, but when the Arduino is plugged in again, it will not recognize the COM port until the computer has been reset.

from pprint import pprint
import time
import serial

while True:
    #The connection to the Arduino
        ardResponse = serial.Serial('COM19',9600)
    except IOError:
        connected = False
        pprint('Arduino not connected to COM3')
    serin = ser.read()
    connected = True
    pprint('Connected to Arduino')
    while ser.read() == '1':
    pprint ('Arduino has finished being flashed')

    pprint('Connection closed')


Is this because the COM port stays open, so the script cannot reuse it? Is there a way to avoid this issue?

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Try doing a ser.close() in your except: block then prompt the user to fix it, and hit enter before trying the ser.open() again.

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