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I'm having trouble to figure out how to build an expression tree to determine if a property is null. I've got something like this:

public static Expression<Func<S, bool>> CreateFunc(QueryPiece<S> queryPc)
    ParameterExpression argParam = Expression.Parameter(typeof(S));

    MemberExpression memberExpr = Expression.Property(argParam, "SomeProperty");

    //property type for constant conversion
    Type propType = memberExpr.Member is MethodInfo
        ? ((MethodInfo)memberExpr.Member).ReturnType
        : ((PropertyInfo)memberExpr.Member).PropertyType;

    //tried this ... unsuccessfully
    Expression func = Expression.Equal(memberExpr, Expression.Constant(null, propType));

    return Expression.Lambda<Func<S, bool>>(func, argParam);

My hope - however vain ;-) - was that I could just as if the member property was equivalent to null.

I've seen some mentions of how this might be accomplished using Expression.Coalesce, but I can't seem to get it to work. For the record, the runtime error thrown when I try to use the returned Lambda is a generic ArgumentNullException.

I've found this similar post: In C#, how can i add a null check into dynamic express code - I just can't seem to out how to refactor it for my scenario.

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Your code works for me. The problem resulting in an ArgumentNullException most likely lies elsewhere. Please show the stack trace of the exception. – Daniel Hilgarth Apr 10 '13 at 11:09
@DanielHilgarth - oh my gosh, how embarrassing - the error was unrelated. Thanks for pushing me back into the stack trace. – fordareh Apr 10 '13 at 11:23

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