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Does anyone know how to set Visual Studio 2008 to output the current date/time at the end of a build? I've set it to output verbose but that just shows the date/time at build start plus elapsed time.

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I asked a similar question a while back and found the answer was to use Log4Net and use a TraceAppender.

If you need some more help about Log4Net, etc.. just ask away.

There's also a really kewl application called DebugView (by the infamously awesome SysInternals krew) that allows you to debug to an external app .. and watch it log, live!

From the L4N FAQ ...

The Trace system will by default send the message to an attached debugger (where the messages will appear in the output window). If the process does not have a debugger attached then the messages are sent to the system debugger. A utility like DebugView from may be used to capture these messages.

alt text

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A new way I found is to call the Time command in the post event Post-build event command line:

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this works well in VS2015 - It's simple and elegant. thanks! – kiev Oct 21 at 17:51

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