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I'm using the condition remove "date-remote" => "true", but it doesn't work. here my condition is:

 %a{:href => current_user.present? ? "#{"/posts"}" : "#{"/users/sign_in"}" , "data-method" => "post", current_user.present? ?  " "data-remote" => true" : " ", "title" => "Vote Down"}

but the condition on "data-remote" gives an error. HOw can I resolve it.Please give any suggestion, Thanks!

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%a{:href => current_user.present? ? "/posts" : "/users/sign_in" , "data-method" => "post", current_user.present? ? "#{"data-remote" => true}" : " ", "title" => "Vote Down"} ? –  ted Apr 10 '13 at 13:13
Its not working @ted, gives an error .syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting tASSOC ...nt? ? "#{"data-remote" => true}" : " ", "title" => "Vote Down") –  Rajeev Apr 10 '13 at 13:29

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Hopefully this will work for you

<% if current_user.present? %>
  %a{:href => "/posts", "data-method" => "post", "data-remote" => true, "title" => "Vote Down"}
<% else %>
  %a{:href => "/users/sign_in" , "data-method" => "post", "title" => "Vote Down"}
<% end %>
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 " "data-remote" => true"

You're using double quotes inside of double quotes, that's really not good.

Replace with

 " 'data-remote' => true"

P.S. Actually your code seems not very clean for me, why don't you use conditionals above link level and provide helper link_to method instead of this?

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Thanks @joe for your response.. Actually this condition I use for the users who sign in and who are not..when user are not signed in and click on button then it redirect(which doen't need data-remote) to sign in page otherwise it show post on popup(which need data-remote)..Your comment does not resolve my problem. It give error –  Rajeev Apr 10 '13 at 12:07

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