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I'm trying to figure out how to store and search data pairs. I have a document similar to that below and my goal is to perform a search that returns all documents with a given specialty and then sort the results by the matching specialty ability:


I'm familiar with working indexing, searching and faceting simple documents but I am struggling to even find a starting point with this =(

Should I simply use two collections and join?

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How would you compare two users if they had abilities like Joe={1, 2, 2} and Bob = {2, 2, 1}? –  mindas Apr 10 '13 at 13:12

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If the number of specialties is finite and known beforehand, you may try following.

Instead of having two fields storing specialty and ability, just have ONE field containing "ability_of_a_specialty"

For example,

    <Foo_ability> 1 </Foo_ability>
    <Bar_ability> 2 </Bar_ability>
    <Dummy_ability> 0 </Dummy_ability>

Now, it should be straightforward to transform the above attributes to a Lucene doc.

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