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I have a class containing a generic Type:

class MyClass<T>

The T type can be any type, including MyClass<AnotherType>. Yes, that's kinda recursive, can have things like MyClass<MyClass<MyClass<T>>>.

At some point, inside MyClass, I want to know if T is MyClass<AnyOtherType> or any type derived from MyClass<AnyOtherType>. (Doesn't matter what AnyOtherType is, just need to know if T is MyClass).

So, how do I compare T type with MyClass<anything>?

Another thing I figured out, to avoid problems with the paramter, is to make MyClass<T> inherit MyClass (with no parameters), to make the comparison easier.

class MyClass<T> : MyClass

But still the question remains:

How can I compare T with MyClass to know if it's some type that inherits MyClass??
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Regarding "the question that remains". typeof(MyClass).IsAssignableFrom(typeof(T)) (I think). –  George Duckett Apr 10 '13 at 12:09

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You would have to check with reflection - recursively to account for "derived from":

static bool IsMyClass(object obj)
    return obj == null ? false : IsMyClass(obj.GetType());
static bool IsMyClass(Type type)
    while (type != null)
        if (type.IsGenericType &&
            type.GetGenericTypeDefinition() == typeof(MyClass<>))
            return true;
        type = type.BaseType;
    return false;
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