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We are having a xml file where in few attributes we stored product guid.

I am trying to find the guid using powershell select-string cmdlet but it returns no value.

GEt-content rules.xml | Select-String "5351BABA-40C2-477B-8111-DA54A48CD8EB"

The guid is there in the file and i verified manually.

Why select-string unable to find product guid? is there any alternative to find whether it is available or not?

Sample content from xml file

<Component Id="M_PostConfig" Name="Post-Configuration" StsDisplayEntry="Database Server Post-Configuration" StsDisplayText="Please wait while Post-Configuration is installed" UninstallCommand="&quot;%pTxtFoldrSystem32%\msiexec.exe&quot;" Version="" UninstallParameters="/i {85bb61a2-e0d8-4c3b-83a7-d978dcd4b3d2} REMOVE=DBSERVER /L*V+ &quot;%pFoldrInstallPath%\Foundation\Install\MSI_Uninstall.log&quot; /qn msifeatwise" SupportUninstall="Yes"> </Component>

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Need more info. I can't reproduce. Get-Content .\Desktop\test.xml | Select-String "85bb61a2-e0d8-4c3b-83a7-d978dcd4b3d2" on a xml file that contains the sample you provided returns the line as it should. –  Frode F. Apr 10 '13 at 12:27
I'd use a fully-qualified path for the input file, just to be sure the script is reading the same file you are when you do the manual verification. –  mjolinor Apr 10 '13 at 13:24

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Try ([String](Get-Content rules.xml)) | Select-String "5351BABA-40C2-477B-8111-DA54A48CD8EB".

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