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I would like NServiceBus to use the logger provided by the Castle.Windsor container, rather than providing it myself directly. Is there a way to achieve this? Following doesn't work as an exception raised on start.

public class EndPointConfig : IConfigureThisEndpoint, IWantCustomInitialization, IWantCustomLogging
    private ILogger _logger = NullLogger.Instance;
    public ILogger Logger
        get { return _logger; }
        set { _logger = value; }

    public void Init()
        SetLoggingLibrary.Log4Net(null, Logger);

Host.Init.CreateSubsystems() returns a Castle.Windsor container, with a registered logger.

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If you supply a container alreday bootstrapped w/ a ILogger registered to CastleWindsorBuilder there's nothing else to be done: NServiceBus will use your logger settings as per log4net configuration(separate file or within app.config according to logger registration in the container)

SetLoggingLibrary.Log4Net(null, Logger); is no needed.

public class MessageEndpoint : IConfigureThisEndpoint, AsA_Server, IWantCustomInitialization
    public void Init()
        var container = new WindsorContainer();
        var installerFactory = new MyInstallerFactory();

        var logger = container.Resolve<ILogger>();
        logger.Debug("Container bootstrapped");


        logger.Debug("Bus configured");
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