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I am posting an Open Graph story. The posted object has GeoPoint array which correctly displays the route. The object also has a single GeoPoint property, which is selected as highlighted point in Open Graph -> Stories -> Story settings -> Edit attachments.

But the map displayed on timeline shows the route, and marks its Start and End point. The point I have provided is not displayed on the map.

En example of object's metadata:

<meta property="my_routes:points:longitude" content="15.966282"/>
<meta property="my_routes:points:latitude" content="45.777191"/>
<meta property="my_routes:points:longitude" content="15.958017"/>
<meta property="my_routes:points:latitude" content="45.777589"/>
<meta property="my_routes:points:longitude" content="15.953514"/>
<meta property="my_routes:points:latitude" content="45.786521"/>
<meta property="my_routes:current:latitude" content="45.798588"/>
<meta property="my_routes:current:longitude" content="15.947750"/>
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Did you find an answer to this? I'm wondering whether you can have ONLY a route OR a highlighted points? – Morgz Jun 26 '13 at 9:19

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