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I have a input field which shows a list using html5 <datalist> element. The problem is that with <datalist> the browser autocomplete also shows the history list (which is the list of previously typed values, that are not included in the <datalist>). So I just want to get rid of the history-list not the <datalist>.

If I use the autocomplete = "off" feature, this also blocks the <datalist>.

In short, I just want the <datalist> not the history one.

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2 Answers

Try this, I hope its work

<input id="datalisttestinput" list="stuff" autocomplete="off"></input>
        <datalist id="stuff">
            <option id="3" value="Collin" >
            <option id="5" value="Carl">
            <option id="1" value="Amy" >
            <option id="2" value="Kristal">

Best wishes

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You need to read my question again. This time, carefully. –  Yousuf Memon Oct 25 '13 at 13:23
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I use a code like this:

<input name="anrede" list="anrede" onmousedown="value = '';" />
<datalist id="anrede">
    <option value="Herr"></option>
    <option value="Frau"></option>

good: The datalist shown for selection is complete

bad : The input field is empty, therefore the old value is not documented, if needed to be remembered by the user

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