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In Play Framework 1, is there a tag which includes javascript file only once in the generated page?


I want following code:

#{press.script 'my.script.js'}
#{press.script 'my.script.js'}

to inject my.script.js declaration into resulting page only once, so that Play generates the following:

<script src="/path/to/my.script.js"></script>

Please note that press module should be of version >= 1.0.22.

So far, anything but not what's needed was found:

  • #{press.script 'my.script.js'} simply throws exception when specified twice with same js file
  • version 1.0.11 of press module added ignoreDuplicates tag property which, as per documentation, should do what's needed, but in next version it was mysteriously removed ...
  • version 1.0.12 of press module added possibility to add press.allowDuplicates to configuration, but in next version it was again mysteriously removed ...
  • #{press.single-script 'my.script.js'} simply compresses js file and adds <script> twice to generated file

Please advise

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I don't think there is. I have solved a similar problem like this.

Let's say I have one template, main.html. All other templates extend this one. Main.html includes scripts.html. Based on the current URL, the Controller renders form.html which extends main.html. In form.html I have a widget which needs my.script.js. To make sure it's only included on this page (which needs the script) I've set the following variable:

#{set useMyScript: true /}

In scripts.html, I will check this variable and render this script only if needed:

#{if useMyScript}
    #{press.script 'my.script.js'}

So, this is not exactly your case, but I am pretty sure you can set useMyScript to true multiple times with this solution and include the Javascript only once.

I hope this helps!

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Yes, I've also came to the same conclusion after spending an hour of googling. Thanks for the reply! :) – Yura Apr 10 '13 at 15:04

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