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I have a bunch of service references in my local drive that I want to include in a Visual Studio 2010 project.

But when I select Include in Project command they are included as folders and I cannot find a way to tell Visual Studio that they are Service References.

Is there a way to achieve this? Something like a Include Existing Service Reference?

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I had to manually edit the project xml and add node like the following for each server reference:

 <WCFMetadataStorage Include="Service References\NameOfYourReference\" />
 <WCFMetadataStorage Include="Service References\NameOfYourOtherReference\" />
 //more services

I also needed to change the Reference.cs compile node, since it seems that VS2010 automatically generated a Reference1.cs file when I included the folder in the project. So I had to remove the Reference1.cs from the xml and ensure the following XML:

<Compile Include="Service References\NameOfYourReference\Reference.cs">

This seems a lot of manual work, but as I said in my case there were a lot of services so for me this was better than adding again all references through VS dialogs

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