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I simply could not make it work, and I am wondering if I am wasting my time, or if I am simply stupid!

Sorry I don't have the exact error I have right now. But I just want to know if it work or not!

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I don't know whether OCUnit works with iPhone, but there is an iPhoneUnitTesting framework available from Google Code.

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The Google Toolbox for Mac is a great piece of software. I have found it to be a must have for iPhone development. – Sergio Acosta Oct 21 '08 at 7:05

Colin Barrett has a blog post about OCMock and the iPhone.

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Not so sure about OCMock, but OCUnit support is now included in iPhone 2.2 SDK.

You can download an example application from Stanford iPhone Application Programming CS193P Lecture 19.

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The contents of that page was probably updated, there is no Lecture 19 to be found there now. – Palimondo Feb 1 '11 at 13:55

Sen:te (the creator of the framework) explains how to use OCUnit with an iPhone project:

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I created some OCUnit tests for an iPhone app, but in order to run the tests I had to compile for Mac OS X, not iPhone OS, and switching back and forth was a pain.

The Google framework is cleaner, they can run the tests in the simulator or on the device.

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I got hung up on the same thing. I finally found the answer on Mitch's World then reposted the solution on my site. The quick fix is to add the OCMock.framework folder to /Library/frameworks and reference it from there. For whatever reason XCode doesn't want to add folders external to its natural framework seach to the path. Until I find out more this is the best we can do.


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At the time of writing OCUnit "just works" on the iPhone. Apple are shipping templates that works out of the box.

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Take a look here. You'll find a Xcode template you can use that has OCUnit and OCMock all ready setup for you.

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You might be interested in this project which integrats OCMock & gh-unit (based on Google toolkit)

Unit test

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