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My datepicker is showing the default format mm/dd/yy even after changing the format to yy-mm-dd

This is my script.js

 $( "#date" ).datepicker( "option", "dateFormat", "yy-mm-dd");
 $( "#date" ).datepicker();

Please help.

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Why are you calling datepicker twice? That's most certainly the problem. –  Andrew Whitaker Apr 10 '13 at 14:57

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Try this one:

$( "#date" ).datepicker({dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd'});

You are calling the datepicker twice. The second time without any options, so it is called with its default options and seems to override the first one

Here's a fiddle working: http://jsfiddle.net/qG4PC/

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