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My thread program is:

using namespace std;

void t()
    cout<<"from thread\n";

int main()
     thread i(&t);
     cout <<"from main\n";

but it shows following error in codeblocks:

1)'thread ' was not declared in this scope
2)expected ';' before 'i'
3)'i' was not declared in this scope 

How can I solve it?I am using windows and codeblocks 12.11

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First, are you on windows or linux?

If you are on linux, you must compile with C++11 support. Just pass -std=c++11 to g++. I can't help you with windows.

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Yep, all that's missing is a flag for the compiler to know you want to build under C++11. See this answer for how to configure that in Code::Blocks. –  Cameron Apr 10 '13 at 14:33

Your IDE may not support C++11 yet. since thread is included in the standard since C++11. See this thread for CodeBlocks?

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