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I have a long string resulted from encoding a binary file -an image file- (in base 64). Is there a particulary method (or rule) I should follow when spliting it?
I want to write the string to a xml file, but in order to do this I must split it in smaller chunks.
I would like to split it by length (I think that is more appropriate in this case).
Thank you.

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Why do you want to split it? – alex Oct 20 '09 at 6:53
How do you want to split it? What delimeter would you want to use? – lemon Oct 20 '09 at 6:55
There are many ways of splitting strings in PHP. You need to be a little more specific of what you're trying to achieve. – Marko Oct 20 '09 at 6:56
I want to write the string to a xml file that is generated by a php script and I can write it if I don't split it in smaller chunks. – sica07 Oct 20 '09 at 7:46
You need to tell us how do you want to split the string. By length or at a character sequence? – Gumbo Oct 20 '09 at 7:52

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You might want to take a look at chunk_split(), since you do base64 encoding. (Assuming you do encoding, since you can't embed decoded base64 data in XML files)

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Yes, i was talking about encoding. My bad. Thanks Boldewyn. – sica07 Oct 20 '09 at 7:52

Use explode() or preg_split() as appropriate. All data in PHP is technically binary, even character data. If your data is multibyte character data (eg UTF-8) you'll need extra steps to correctly handle that.

Also binary strings may need processing with unpack().

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