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I'm trying to test if a point is insde a polygon o not, and looking in SO. i found some codes that does it, but I tried, and I don't know what I'm doing wrong...

I got to Vectors to save x and y points:

Vector<Double> vxpoints;
Vector<Double> vxpoints;

thats my method "contains"

public boolean contains(double x, double y) {       
    int i,j = this.npoints - 1;  
    boolean oddNodes = false;  

    for(i=0;i<this.npoints;j=i++) {
        if ((((this.vypoints.get(i) <= y) && (y < this.vypoints.get(j))) ||
                ((this.vypoints.get(j) <= y) && (y < this.vypoints.get(i)))) &&
                (x < (this.vxpoints.get(j) - this.vxpoints.get(i)) * (y - this.vypoints.get(i)) / (this.vypoints.get(j) - this.vypoints.get(i)) + this.vxpoints.get(i)))
            oddNodes = !oddNodes;
    return oddNodes;

And when I test it, I do with "easy polygons": (There are to arrays os points, that I convert in vectors inside my class)

    double xpoints[] = {100,100,200,200}; //Square      
    double ypoints[] = {100,200,100,200};
    PolygonDouble test = new PolygonDouble(xpoints, ypoints);


Output: --> Outside but if I try with the point (110,111) the Output --> Inside.

I don't kwow what's going on..... :S

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The problem is in the definition of your square used in your test. The vertices are the wrong order. Change the order of the third and fourth vertex and it the test should work.

double xpoints[] = {100,100,200,200}; //Square      
double ypoints[] = {100,200,200,100};
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Changed and worked, and tested with other "easy" polygon. So, if I dont understand bad... That means that the code it's correct, but I have to define the order of the points in Clock order? –  Shudy Apr 10 '13 at 14:53
It doesn't matter if the polygon is in clockwise or counter clockwise order. However, it does matter that your 'rectangle' is twisted into a bow-tie shape (so it's not really a rectangle) because of the order of your vertices. –  Angus Johnson Apr 10 '13 at 14:59
It's no because of clockwise or counter clockwise. You crossed two lines of the square. When at Test fails there are three options: your code under test is wrong, the test itself is wrong or both are wrong :-) –  DeltaLima Apr 10 '13 at 15:00
(1/2) Well, with this "easy" polygons know is working. Now, other problem. All I done for this, it's because I have to read KML file, extract the coordinates, and then test if a point is inside this coordinates. I do all of that. so the coordinates of my KML file looks like that: <....> <coordinates> 2.190381090601514,41.40432338788778,0 2.193329807442894,41.40506539312711,0 2.193393168346678,41.40527938280415,0 2.191414958783979,41.40665429357642,0 2.189340368185269,41.4050514432114,0 2.190381090601514,41.40432338788778,0 </coordinates> –  Shudy Apr 10 '13 at 15:20
(2/2) and when i process it and save in Vectors, those vectors look like that: Vx:[2.190381090601514, 2.193329807442894, 2.193393168346678,2.191414958783979, 2.189340368185269, 2.190381090601514] Vy:[41.40432338788778, 41.40506539312711, 41.40527938280415, 41.40665429357642, 41.4050514432114, 41.40432338788778] Test2: Outside And the tested point: test.contains(2.191680866734278,41.40505441788871) (Suposed to be inside!!) Test2: Outside –  Shudy Apr 10 '13 at 15:22

Use org.gregoire.android.graphics.Polygon

Polygon poly = new Polygon(xpoints, ypoints, xpoints.length);
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I doubt java.awt classes will be available in Android... –  tilpner Apr 10 '13 at 14:49
Thanks @Sri but, I can't use the class Polygon, because I need it in Double points, and then use it in Java (My first try was what you put me ^^) But THANKS! –  Shudy Apr 10 '13 at 14:55
@StackOverflowException Changed class name. He can now use it. –  Sri Harsha Chilakapati Apr 10 '13 at 14:55
This class only checks the bounding box of the polygon, so anything that isn't a rectangle will give false returns. –  n_b Nov 8 '13 at 1:10

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