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Hi I want to compare two dates. I want to make a condition witch checks if the date in my Database is older as the date in to days.

Here are my two variables:

{<f:format.date format="d.m.Y">+2 days</f:format.date>}


{<f:format.date format="d.m.Y">{day.valid}</f:format.date>}

i want not ä Modelsolution, just compare the two dates.

Thank you

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<f:if condition="{f:format.date(date: '+2 days' format: 'Y-m-d')} < {f:format.date(date: yourdate, format: 'Y-m-d')}">
   yourdate is smaller than now + 2 days.
    yourdate is greater than now + 2 days.

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Convert the date to an unix timestamp using format="U" and compare them. You need to add a variable which contains the comparing date.

<f:if condition="{f:format.date(date: day.valid, format: 'U')} > {f:format.date(date: date_compare, format: 'U')}">
    Date is valid
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