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I have thought about and played about with D7 views module for quite a while but I cannot get it working.

What I want to simple group-by and sum use if you see SQL below:


  name         age             sex

  Los          20              1

  San          25              0

  Lan          30             0

    Bos          23             1

  mini          28              1


  SELECT sex,sum(age) FROM `msg_info` group by sex


  sex       sum(age)  

  0       55

  1       71

I have tried to use "aggregation" and "query setting"(distinct) to get the table like that But I just can't. There is a "pure distinct" query setting under "adanced" which showed only one row at the end. I thought that's going to help but not really.

The real data has more columns than the example I gave here. Aggregation settings appeared be for every field which defaultly had a value being "group field result together". I had been playing with this. I set the "sum" for the field that I want to do SUM for. It's just no go.

Maybe anyone can help?

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if you want sum of age, why are you using group by sex? remove sex in select and remove group by and it will be work

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Group by is the first thing I need. Sum itself is not serving the goal. –  Jusfeel Apr 10 '13 at 14:57
You are right. I had false understanding of group-by. It didn't merge duplicated fields. But sum did. So it worked. If I leave sex in the select, I have exactly what I need. So in Drupal aggregation, I don't need to use provided "group by field", only use aggregation, it worked. –  Jusfeel Apr 11 '13 at 2:57

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