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I am using OSM droid and its Bonus Pack to create balloon popups when points in interest (POI) icons are clicked on the map. I am able to get an ItemizedOverlayWithBubble working very well. However, in some cases the POIs icons are very close making it hard for used to freely tap which one they want. A solution I thought was to amalgamate the POIs into one icon with a number on top. I have this working well also.

So what I would like to do is have an ItemizedOverlayWithBubble which displays a small scrollable and selectable, list. Where clicking the item in the list takes the user to an additional screen to elaborate on the POI.

From clues found in this tutorial I assumed the code below would work, but this fails to work, displaying only the last items in the titles and descriptions vectors only.

Any advice on how to approach this would be greatly appreciated.

       * Adds a map information bubble with a selectable list if items.
       * @param location The location of the info bubble on the map,
       * @param titles The titles to go in the info bubble.
       * @param descriptions The descriptions to go in the info bubble.
       * @param mapMarkerType The map marker type.
      public void addMapInfoList(GeoPoint location, Vector<String> titles, Vector <String> descriptions, int mapMarkerType)
           new DefaultResourceProxyImpl(this.ctx);
           Drawable localDrawable = getMapMarker( 8);

           ArrayList<ExtendedOverlayItem> localArrayList = new ArrayList<ExtendedOverlayItem>();//items list

           int i = 0;
           for (String title: titles)

            String description = descriptions.get(i);
            ExtendedOverlayItem localExtendedOverlayItem = new ExtendedOverlayItem(title, description, location, this.ctx);

           ItemizedOverlayWithBubble<ExtendedOverlayItem> localItemizedOverlayWithBubble = new ItemizedOverlayWithBubble<ExtendedOverlayItem>(this.ctx, localArrayList, this.map);

          // ItemizedOverlayWithBubble<ExtendedOverlayItem> poiMarkers =   new ItemizedOverlayWithBubble<ExtendedOverlayItem>(this, poiItems, map);

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I have exactly the same problem Andrew. Did you solve it? –  ismail Nov 5 '13 at 18:12
No, I never found a way and did somthing else instead. Interestingly Google Maps API V2 as an Info window feature which allows this. –  Andrew S Nov 6 '13 at 4:17

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