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I'm working on a 2nd Screen app for Samsung SmartTV. For this I had a look at the Convergence API provided by the SDK and tried to reconstruct the given tutorial at Creating a Convergence App

The problem is that the emulator program crashes when trying out the downloadable sample project. You can find a screenshot here taken just before the crash including the output log of the emulator and the input data of the client that tries to connect. Has anybody tried the sample project herself or was dealing with similar problems?

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it seems that I found the cause for the crashes. I had to start the emulator as a standalone process, not within the eclipse environment. Furthermore I had to start it as administrator.

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For the convergence API I definitively suggest testing with real TVs and phones - ideally with more then one TV in the network to be sure you properly handle UPNP discovery.

BR Petr


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