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I dont know what im doing wrong but obviously its not working... I want to hover the <li id="photo"> and then the #sub-menu should expand its height from 65px to 130px

<div id="nav-wrapper">
        <div id="logo">CAB</div>
        <div class="navigator-line"></div>
        <ul id="nav-bar">
            <li><div class="navigator"></div>ABOUT</li>
            <li><div class="navigator"></div>WEB</li>
            <li><div class="navigator"></div>CORPORATE</li>
            <li id="photo"><div class="navigator"></div>PHOTOGRAPHY</li>
            <li><div class="navigator"></div>CONTACT</li>

Simple thing but its not running

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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The problem is #photo:hover #sub-menu - as the <li> is not an ancestor of the sub-menu div .. and in the current context there is no way target #sub-menu when hovering over #photo as it involves backtracking up the DOM (there is no such combinator supported right now). You can only achieve this effect by targeting a descendant or sibling, but not an ancestor .. you'll see the transition take place if you use a different selector, e.g.

#nav-wrapper:hover + #sub-menu

In the current context though, what you're trying to do is not possible.

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ok but your version didnt work too :) – Marie Von de Palme Apr 10 '13 at 15:41

(little additions to what Adrift said...)

If you really want to do that with the <li>, you only have two solutions:

  • Put #sub-menu inside the <li> or after it. Simple enough. I think it's the simpler to do, especially since you have a fixed position and width on #nav-wrapper.
  • Use javascript (with a mouseover action on the <li> that will toggle the width of #sub-menu).
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ah! now i understand the problem. the position is fixed so i cant move the content down by itself but why i just cant move the #main-wrapper with a margin or a padding down? because of the same thing adrift said? and my js is terrible i dont know how to do it... :( – Marie Von de Palme Apr 10 '13 at 17:08
@MarieVondePalme Sorry for being so late... Yes it's for what Adrift said. You can only target a sibling or child element with CSS selectors. It means that you can do what you want with your <li> only if #nav-wrapper is inside #nav-bar or the said <li>... This should do it here. It has nothing to do with the position being fixed. What I meant is that since you have a fixed position, where you put it, it will always be at the same place on the page. So you can totally move it so you can target it with the :hover on the <li>, without it affecting its position. – Sk8erOfBodom Apr 22 '13 at 17:51

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