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I am trying to add elements to a ListView dynamically at runtime. Here is my code.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""
    android:orientation="horizontal" >
    <!-- Contents will be added at Runtime -->

The getView function overridden by my adapter

    public View getView(final int position, final View convertView,
            final ViewGroup parent) {
        View searchResultsRow = convertView;
        LinearLayout linearLayout;
        TextView e1,e2,e3,e4;
        if (searchResultsRow == null) {
            LayoutInflater layoutInflator = (LayoutInflater) context
            searchResultsRow = layoutInflator.inflate(
                    R.layout.categories_row_object, null);
            linearLayout = (LinearLayout) searchResultsRow.findViewById(;

        e1 = new TextView(context);
        e2 = new TextView(context);
        e3 = new TextView(context);
        e4 = new TextView(context);

        e1 = new TextView(context);

        e2 = new TextView(context);

        e3 = new TextView(context);
        e3.setText("Casual Wear");

        e4 = new TextView(context);

        return searchResultsRow;

Now what happens that the first couple of rows seem at jumbled up. Like multiple rows have been added to the same row. What am i doing wrong ?

Kind Regards,

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searchResultsRow is reused, therefore it contains all the items you have already added to it the previous time you used it. – njzk2 Apr 10 '13 at 15:29
so what should i so then ? – user1730789 Apr 10 '13 at 15:38

I am wondering if ConvertView != null, linearLayout is not initialed.

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you are right, there should be a crash here. – njzk2 Apr 11 '13 at 7:52

The issue here is that convertView, if not null, is a previously used view, already containing the 4 TextViews.

What you have to do is reuse the existing TextViews from convertView.

One way of doing this is as so: you are inflating categories_row_object. Put your 4 TextView in it, then access it by id.

Or, you could browse the children views of your LinearLayout.

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