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If I have some object stored as a request attribute named myObject I can find out its type in JSP EL like this:


But if I have a java.util.Map stored as a request attribute myMap, and I put this in my page...


...the Map is searched for an entry whose key is "class". This makes sense, otherwise we could never retrieve anything in EL from a Map with a key of "class".

So how do I display the type of my Map in an EL statement?

(And most of you will want to ask me: "Why do you care?". Well, today I was working on a train with no Internet connection and I had to iterate a java.util.HashMap in a page, and I completely forgot how to do that. So, not being able to Google or SO it, I decided to find out what the type was (I knew it wasn't an actual java.util.HashMap, Tomcat turns it into something else) so I could go rummaging around in the Tomcat jar files and see what methods it exposed and maybe figure it out myself. Well, I couldn't find out the type via EL. I resorted to embedded Java inside <% %> tags. But it has been bothering me all day that I coulnd't find out with EL alone. So, that's why I care. It's eating me up.)

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If you are using EL 2.2+ you can simply use:


An other possiblity could be writing a custom EL function or tag. There you could check if the object is an instance of java.util.AbstractMap.

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