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How do I get yesterdays date and if the current date is Monday I would need Sunday, Saturday and Friday. This is already asked here for ms access. I now need this for SQL server. How would I go about this?

Will create an inline view that will return the previous date in SQL It will return between 1 and 3 rows depending on the current date.

If current date is Monday Return:

Sundays date
Saturdays date
Fridays date
  • If current date is Tuesday then Return: Mondays date
  • If current date is Wednesday then Return: Tuesdays date
  • If current date is Thursday then Return: Wednesdays date
  • If current date is Friday then Return: Thursdays date
  • If current date is Saturday then Return: Fridays date
  • If current date is Sunday then Return: Saturdays date

I hope this helps explain what I am trying to do more clearly.

sample select query

--get previous date
select * from [Purchase Orders] where MyDate in (previous date(s))
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How about use DATEADD? –  Kermit Apr 10 '13 at 15:57
So it would return one value if it was any other day, but 3 if it was Monday? What would you return it to, exactly? –  Kyle Hale Apr 10 '13 at 16:04
The column's data type is DATETIME[2] or DATE ? –  Bogdan Sahlean Apr 10 '13 at 16:25
I will make the question more clear –  Luke101 Apr 10 '13 at 16:57
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2 Answers

Not entirely clear about the question though. But you can do something on the similar lines.

SET @TodaysDate = '2013-04-10'

     WHEN DATEPART (DW, DATEADD (DD, -1, @TodaysDate )) IN (1, 6, 7) 
     THEN 'WeekEnd' ELSE 'WeekDay' 
     END D
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I will make the question more clear –  Luke101 Apr 10 '13 at 17:12
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Using the query you linked to, you can try the code below:

  FROM [Purchase Order] 
 WHERE MyDate >= CASE 
                     WHEN DATENAME(dw, CONVERT(CHAR(8), GETDATE() , 112)) LIKE 'Monday' THEN CONVERT(CHAR(8), DATEADD(dd, -3, GETDATE()), 112)
                     ELSE CONVERT(CHAR(8), DATEADD(dd, -1, GETDATE()), 112)
   AND MyDate < CONVERT(CHAR(8),GETDATE(),112)
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