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I noticed something when i was reading through some Entity Framework's POCO classes that the one to many relationship is always represented in two ways like following :

1- Public List<User> Users {get;set;}
2- Public Virtual User Users {get;set}

So which one is right and when i should use each, this concept really confused me !!!

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I think you've read that wrong. Typically (although not required), you would have navigation properties at both ends of the relationship.

A collection navigation property on the one side (a Department may have a List<User> for example) and a reference navigation property on the many side (a User would have one Department).

It is also recommended that you have a foreign key property as well, for example an int DepartmentId on the User.

You would need to mark the navigation properties as virtual if you wanted to support lazy loading. See here for the requirements on POCO types.

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That was very helpful,and straight to the point, very helpful respond –  ALBIHANY Apr 10 '13 at 16:59

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