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I have a program in which I am using an ObjectStream over sockets. Code for the class Im sending looks like the following.

class Snake{
Point[] p = new Point[50];
Direction move;
public int length;
int score;
String player;
Color snakecolor;
boolean gameover;
//Other Functions go here//    

This Class is sent repeatedly over the socket. However its showing a bit of lag. Would it make that much of a difference if instead of sending the Color object I send an RGB code(integer values)? How could I possibly make my program lag free?

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See stackoverflow.com/a/52682/833336 in order to determinate the size of a Color object against the integer values and make your own conclusions, at first I don't think it can be the cause of the lag – Emerson Castaneda Apr 10 '13 at 17:24
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From the documentation, the following fields of Color are serialized:

int value
float[] frgbvalue
float[] fvalue
float falpha
ColorSpace cs

ColorSpace has the following serialized fields:

int type
int numComponents

frgbValue and fvalue contain 3 elements, so the total size is 40 bytes. Just sending RGB would be 12 bytes. I don't think that's gonna solve your lag.

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Thanks Heuster. – Sohaib Apr 10 '13 at 17:34

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