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I have a flask application running with gevent-socketio that I create this way:

server = SocketIOServer(('localhost', 2345), app, resource='socket.io')
gevent.spawn(send_queued_messages_loop, server)

I launch send_queued_messages_loop in a gevent thread that keeps on polling on a gevent.Queue where my program stores data to send it to the socket.io connected clients

I tried different approaches to stop the server (such as using sys.exit) either from the socket.io handler (when the client sends a socket.io message) or from a normal route (when the client makes a request to /shutdown) but in any case, sys.exit seems to fail because of the presence of greenlets.

I tried to call gevent.shutdown() first, but this does not seem to change anything

What would be the proper way to shutdown the server?

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Instead of using serve_forever() create a gevent.event.Event and wait for it. To actually initiate shutdown, trigger the event using its set() method:

from gevent.event import Event
stopper = Event()

server = SocketIOServer(('localhost', 2345), app, resource='socket.io')

except KeyboardInterrupt:

No matter from where you now want to terminate your process - all you need to do is calling stopper.set().

The try..except is not really necessary but I prefer not getting a stacktrace on a clean CTRL-C exit.

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