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Let's say I have this C++ code:

void exampleFunction () { // #1
    cout << "The function I want to call." << endl;

class ExampleParent { // I have no control over this class
    void exampleFunction () { // #2
        cout << "The function I do NOT want to call." << endl;
    // other stuff

class ExampleChild : public ExampleParent {
    void myFunction () {
        exampleFunction(); // how to get #1?

I have to inherit from the Parent class in order to customize some functionality in a framework. However, the Parent class is masking the global exampleFunction that I want to call. Is there any way I can call it from myFunction?

(I actually have this problem with calling the time function in the <ctime> library if that makes any difference)

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Do the following:


:: will access the global namespace.

If you #include <ctime>, you should be able to access it in the namespace std:


To avoid these problems, place everything in namespaces, and avoid global using namespace directives.

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+1 for this short and detailed answer – fmuecke Oct 20 '09 at 8:47
or ::std::time(0) of course, to access the std version without any ambiguity – jalf Oct 20 '09 at 10:25

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