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Why when my entities contain non-empty ICollection properties kendo grid not displays data? This occurs when I using code-first models with foreign key relations - parent entities that have childs made grid not display data and viсe versa: childs that have non-empty parents mades grid not work properly.Here is line of code that returns data from controller:

 return Json(context.SomeDBSet.ToDataSourceResult(request));

here are entities:

public class ParentModel
    public virtual ICollection<ChildModel> ArticleContent { get; set; }


public class ChildModel
    public int? ParentModelId { get; set; }
    public virtual ParentModel ParentModel { get; set; }
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Here is solution:

 return Json(context.SomeDBSet.Select( e => new { e.X, ....  e.Id}).ToDataSourceResult(request));

Dont include your 'ICollection' properties here.

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