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I have the following routeProvider configured:

 angular.module('myModule').config ['$routeProvider', (provider) ->

  .when '',
     templateUrl: '/templates/dashboard.html'

  .when '/some_path/:some_param',
       templateUrl: '/templates/dashboard.html'

And the following in a wrapping statically served template:

I also have a templates/dashboard.html appropriately defined.

When I navigate to the url, the initial page loads, however a # is not postpended on the URL, which then results in errors when I try to rewrite the URL in a controller with $location.path('fooPath').

Specifically $location.path('fooPath'), changes the URL to current_dashboard_path/#/ and reloads, while what I was expecting is for the URL to be set to:

current_dashboard_path/#/, an then location('fooPath'), to change that to current_dashboard_path/#/fooPath

Some additional context: I want to use this so that I can then use the $location service to change the url without reloading the page thus

Question is, how can I force Angular to postpend a # when an ng-view is populated.

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have you looked into $location.hash('value'); ? – ilcavero Apr 10 '13 at 19:32
$location.hash('value'); changes the path to current_dashboard_path##value, rather then current_dashboard_path/#/value which still does not pass the right path params. – Abraham P Apr 10 '13 at 21:25
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I was missing the following line in my routeProvider:

 .when '/',
      templateUrl: '/templates/dashboard.html'

Additionally, the blank route

 .when '',
     templateUrl: '/templates/dashboard.html'

Needed to be removed

Then the way to rewrite the URL without reloading the page is the following in the controller:

 lastRoute = route.current

 scope.$on('$locationChangeSuccess', (event)->
    route.current = lastRoute
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